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These are your questions. These are our answers.

Your Account

1. Do I need a Tata CliQ/Tata CliQ Luxury account to be able to shop?
2. How can I create an account?
3. Is my personal information kept private?
4. I forgot my password. How do I reset it?
5. Is it safe to use my credit/debit card?


1. I want to know where my package is. How can I track my order?
2. How can I modify an order that I’ve already placed?
3. Can I change the delivery address after I’ve placed my order?
4. Is my order confirmed? Where can I find confirmation details?
5. It says Out-of-Stock but I still want that product. How can I get on the wait list?
6. All these order statuses are confusing. What do they mean?
7. My shipping address and billing address may be different. Will that be a problem?

Shipping and Delivery
1. What are the delivery modes available?

2. How can I find out if Tata CliQ/Tata CliQ Luxury delivers to my address?
3. How can I find out about the delivery charges?
4. Will all sellers on Tata CLiQ ship to the area I live in?
5. When will my order arrive?
6. Why does the delivery time vary from seller to seller?
7. My order is late. What do you have to say about this?
8. Just realised I won’t be around to receive my package. How can I reschedule my delivery?
9. I missed my delivery. What happens now?
10. Do you deliver internationally?
11. The order status says Delivered but I haven’t received my order.
12. Can I request different items from my cart to be delivered separately?
13. My schedule is fully booked. Can I choose a specific date and time for delivery?
14. When can I get my order if it says Out for Delivery?
15. Can I choose a specific time & date for collecting a Tata CLiQ parcel from the store?


1. I didn’t mean to order that. How can I cancel my order?
2. When can I cancel my order?
3. Can I cancel only part of my order?
4. Why do I see a disabled cancel link?
5. How will I get my refund when I cancel an order?
6. Will I get the complete refund for the order I’ve cancelled?
7. What should I do if I don’t get my refund in the promised time?
8. This is not what I ordered. How do I replace it?
9. Why was my order cancelled?

Returns and Refunds

1. How can I initiate a return?
2. What is the time-period within which I can return a product?
3. When are returns not possible?
4. What are self-courier returns?
5. How should I pack my product for the return?
6. Can I get a replacement for the product I’ve ordered?
7. Can I return a part of my order?
8. When I’m returning a product, do I have to return the free gift that I got with it as well?
9. The free gift I’ve received is damaged/not working. What should I do?
10. Is it possible to return software on Tata CLiQ?
11. What is the pick-up process for the return of a product?
12. Can I cancel my return request and choose to keep the product?
13. Within how many days to I need to self-courier a product that I want to return?
14. Within how many days can I initiate a return?
15. When are refunds possible?
16. What is the mode of payment for refunds?
17. What do I need to do for a wire-transfer of the refunded amount?
18. Can I change the mode of payment for my refund?
19. How will I know that my refund has been initiated?
20. I still haven’t got my refund. Why?

General FAQs

1) How do I know if my Tata CLiQ Luxury product is authentic?
2) My payment got deducted but I did not get an order confirmation mail / SMS.
3) I got a message saying Payment is Pending.
4) I got a message saying Payment has timed out.