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123Movies is an online service provide as described in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

We don’t spare any kind of copyright infringement and always protect strongly, rights of legal copyright owners.

If by any chance, your content is appearing on our website and you never authorized for using it, then please don’t waste time and notify us about it. It would be a great help to us, if you do it in writing and identify the copyright infringement content and take necessary actions regarding it.

In order to ease this process, we have provided online forum to fill out the details. However, if you won’t provide us the complete details in accurate way, then we will find ourselves at loss in order to help you. To make process simpler, we accept even written notice via e-mail to our DMCA agent. There must be certain details that you should mention in your written details such as;

  • Identification of infringement copyright work must be made specifically. However, if there are multiple of works that come under copyright violation act then you must submit an illustrative list, which carefully identifies each of the works while making it in single notification.
  • Proper URL or URL’s must be mentioned in notice about copyright infringement of the content on our website. The location and description of the content must be mentioned with necessary information to identify the copyright infringement content.
  • Information must include name, address, telephone number and electronic mail address by the complaining party in order to contact them back.
  • A clear statement stating about the fact that; party who is claiming copyright infringement on its content didn’t authorize use of content while make a complaint.
  • A statement should be accurate in the notification and under the penalty of falsification that complaining party is making on the behalf of the owner.

Written notice should be sent to our designated agent.

Under applicable law, 17 U.S.C. 512 (f), any person who knowingly materially misrepresents that material or activity is infringing may be subject to liability.